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Viddyoze misleading scheme

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We are in the video era.

ANYONE can have a zillion uses for a sleek looking video or a smartly crafted and animated sequence to help build credibility and make their audience hang around a bit more.

Building such videos can turn to be either very complicated process or very expensive to produce.

That’s where Viddyoze comes to play.

You can find these guys right here:

Let’s see if this thing is legit or if it has something fishy going on.

form update 7/2017

We found a pretty cool alternative to Viddyoze. Check it out on the last section of this article.

Some history

On mid-June 2017, we noticed an increased activity related to Viddyoze on social media, YouTube, and ads in general. That was the first thing that caught our attention.

I personally knew the product by name as I stepped into it in January 2016. At the time, they’ve released what we can now refer to as Viddyoze v2. Their concept was innovative at the time with some nifty logo animations.

So, a year after, they are rebooting the v2 with what they call the Live Action Videos. It’s actually more like a v3 as the platform had a drastic change and enhancement overall too.

Live action videos are short clips displaying a logo seamlessly on the scene, as it was shot on the initial video clip. The branding fits perfectly and moves along with the scenery and the characters.

This is the Live Action Videos in action:

Why we decided to put Viddyoze into our radar

The aggressive marketing campaign and affiliate bounty linked to it and the CPA community huge interest.

The world is about to be flooded with sales pitches in blogs, videos, podcasts, social media, paid ads, mailings, and anything that could promote Viddyoze in any way possible, ethically or unethically.

We’ve seen that before, and it ain’t good for a lot of good folk around the web.

We feel like if we don’t speak the truth, no one will do. So, once again, we will step up and demystify an offer that might not be what you think it is 🙂

Just to make sure we have an understanding. There is no affiliate link to VIDDYOZE anywhere on this site or article.

We are not after affiliate income. We won’t try to sell you the product in any way.

We are quite happy with our Google Adsense Ads and Amazon Products at the bottom 🙂 It keeps us neutral in our review. We better get a dime from your visits than $$$ for something you will hate us for it once you realized it’s not for you or if there’s something fishy on it.

We decided to never do that to keeps us away from the temptation to praise a product that we don’t believe in.

Analysis of the Viddyoze offer

Opportunity targeted: Building fancy brand video intros easily and for cheap

Video editing, as anything technical, is a specialty realm where normal people can’t do much. To venture on that particular turf you need a serious a skills set, a costly gear, a couple of acting talents and crew members, sometimes a bit of post production, and of course a ton of creativity to go with it.

We won’t get deeper cost-wise but it could easily cost 5k – 10k to produce a 30s spot. Even more depending on the concept and the complexity of the scene.

What Viddyoze’s trying to sell?

Viddyoze promises to give access to a cheap and easy way to produce high quality branded video intros in 3 clicks straight!

Here’s a clip of what you can achieve using it:

It’s all built up as a service accessible through a browser, so, there won’t be any software or hardware needed in the process.

Who is Viddyoze for?

Viddyoze offers a short animated intro, transitions, and animations. They seem to be targeting the wide range audience. But from the possible use cases, this service will fit best video and advertising professionals, YouTubers and video casters, vloggers, web designers to some extent.

This is not something that the average joe/jane would use. Even if it’s easy to produce.

Viddyoze legit side

Landing page design

A well-designed and structured landing page that gets them out of the usual scam-related offers that we find all over the web.

This gives more room to build up the visitors trust to eventually convert them to customers.

Testimonials and high-quality videos

All their testimonials are done from real world people that you can find if you put your mind into it.

Here’s the full list linking to their Facebook profiles:

It’s way far from the fake testimonials with stock photos and an all praise review of the product/service.

The videos are the best feature of the sales offer.

We usually see cheap made intro videos, like the hand-drawn whiteboards with an awful voice off kind.

But these guys have nailed it perfectly. A well-produced series of videos talking about the concept, how they got there, and how their customers feel about the platform. It’s the least you could expect from a service offering video production.

The platform is real and you can indeed get the job done in a couple of clicks

Tons of reviews of the new platform started to emerge on video hosting platforms like YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo … etc. giving a quick preview of the beta version of the app.

The Live Action Video templates are a breakthrough in the industry. I’ve personally never seen anything like it with that quality and that ease to use.

Customers proof

We had a look on their affiliation platform. I can confirm the 50k users claim as they have like 70k purchases so far.

As we can confirm 25k hidden Facebook buyers-only closed group which is strictly reserved for the Viddyoze Live Action customers. So, basically, in a week only after the launch, they could land 25k sales. Not bad for a start.

Not bad for a start, but from our humble experience, it doesn’t mean that the product is great. It just means that they marketing is very efficient 🙂

The dark side of Viddyoze

Okay, so, this is why you are probably here. Right?

Most intros, animations, clips, are limited to 10s more or less

This is where beginners need to be extremely careful. All animations and live action videos on Viddyoze have an average 10s timeframe.

It’s perfect as a component to a longer video but it’s really extremely short to rely on it on anything else, even for ads. So, you really need to understand the scope of the product and ask yourself how you could use a 10s video before purchasing it.

Testimonials look like scripted

The diversified cast and the WOW face they drop when they check out some videos is a bit too much. It’s extremely rare to see real testimonials anywhere at any level and any industry. It’s all planned, somehow, to make the thing look the greatest product/service ever made.

But the repeated praised from all the cast can’t simply be true 🙂 We are humans God dammit! Someone needs to say it’s good but not perfect 🙂

The limited initial buy

When you purchase the one-time/lifetime access to Viddyoze for $57 (personal) or $67 (commercial), you are getting:

  • Access to the platform
  • Plus a 100 template to use

And that’s it.

The default templates happen to be the less pleasing ones. They are not the ones you’ve seen on the promo videos which is misleading.

It would be clearer if they add a gallery of all the templates included on the basic access, and set another demo page with all the other templates on the template club (see the first upsell). So the customer knows exactly what they are purchasing before they proceed.

The fake limited time offer

A nasty habit that all marketing fellows are drowning in. It’s referred to as scarcity.

The seller simulates a limit time or a short supply to make prospect take action faster. the CPA marketing industry is extensively using.

The CPA marketing industry is extensively using this particular tactic to maximize sales. But it always turns out that they are faking it.

When you first get in, you get the countdown set to 5 hours, and you get all over the sales pitch that the $57 or $67 one-time price tag will be increased anytime to become $197 per month.

We’ve been through this thing for a looooooooooong time.

It will never revert to a monthly subscription and it’s unlikely to have a price increase. It’s quite the opposite actually. We commonly see a price decrease after 3 – 6 months after the initial launch when the real reviews overweight fake ones and the sales drop drastically.


Upsells are usually indicators of a well-thought marketing strategy. On the CPA realm, it also means your email will be a candidate for a totally different products ads sometime in the future 🙂

On this particular case, you are categorized not only as someone interested in a video animation service but also as someone who paid for it and will potentially pay for other upsells for the same product.

Here is the list of all upsells you will be tempted to get once you have purchased the initial product:

First upsell: The template club

To get access to the cool ones, including a total 400 template, plus a promised 20 new templates per month, you need an additional $37/m. Yep, this is a subscription based service to unlock the real deal.

Here’s the intro video for the template club:

And the link to check out their sales pitch:

Second upsell: The Viddyoze Academy

Another attempt to generate more revenue out of you is a master course for aspiring videographers. This is more of a specialty course for people interesting to become more efficient in producing and selling videos.

It costs a one-time $97.

You can learn more about that on their sales page:

Third upsell: Facebook Video Ads mastery course

It’s a Facebook video ads course organized on 4 modules that walk you through the creation process, targeting, scaling your campaigns.

Access to this course costs a hefty $197 one-time charge.

Here’s the opt-in page:

Fourth upsell: Masterclass sessions

It’s a recycled online course from their former launch where they give some general hints about how to conduct online business and marketing focused on videos.

It sells for $97.

Here’s the pitch video:

You can access the course right here:

The affiliate platform

Viddyoze relies exclusively on JVzoo. One of the most controversial marketplaces where shady business is processed. I can’t even recall or find any legit product, service, or course sold out there. They have a very tarnished history, and the most interesting part is, they don’t give a damn concern about it. They keep on allowing deceitful stuff to be sold on their platform.

Anyway, the affiliate bounty is 50% for the main product, the access to the platform for $57 or $67, and 35% for the recurring access to the template club billed $37.

When you see these kinds of commissions, there are 2 things that come to mind:

  • The service is over evaluated
  • An avalanche of affiliate will swear that it’s the perfect product for you even if it’s not

Another major detail that comes with JVZoo is the hard time you will get to either:

  • Get a refund on the 30-day grace period
  • Cancel any subscription initiated through the platform

We highly recommend avoiding anything that deals with JVzoo.

When it can’t be helped, make sure you use Paypal to process the payment. This doesn’t make your life easier, though. But at least, you can push for a refund and cancel a subscription in a less complex way compared to processing your payments through credit card.

Here’s a tip to cancel a subscription when done through JVzoo:

Marketing tips and materials to help affiliates sell more

This is the kind of help that can transform a regular marketer to a selling machine and a seasoned CPA marketer to a killing machine.

They’ve prepared a bunch of giveaways and strategies to help enhance chances to land sales and motivate affiliates to be more confident promoting their product.

It’s a common practice on affiliate networks nowadays.

Unguaranteed processing power of their servers

The rendering process is done on their own servers, which actually makes the concept for the price a pretty good deal. But there’s a catch.

Software as a Service environment is very tricky. The more users you have, the more powerful your servers need to be. Consequently, the more the service owner will need to pay to host the application.

The Viddyoze crew reported a downtime on day one of the launches. They get up on their feets but they had a hard time to recover from the downtime occasioned, including unprocessed subscriptions, that they had to redo manually.

From the look of it, that’s why they introduced a subscription-based plan (the template club) to help get this recurring revenue to deal with scaling and perfecting the service.

The question is, will they keep up to it? Or abandon ship at some point when sales reach the bottom and managing this venture will turn to more headaches than benefits?

The downtime on day one is not encouraging, as the processing time from the few testing videos so far (a 10mn to 25mn rendering time for a 10s video) doesn’t help either as this timing will increase with time.

Extremely defensive response from Viddyoze

The Viddyoze crew is reported to dispute any YouTube video mentioning their deceitful practices using the trademark road. Like this one:

This is the warning they’ve got:

Check it up before they shut it down.

I personally wouldn’t try to stop something unless it’s true 🙂 Even unfounded claims could find a better echo through discussion and commenting, and giving proofs that the claim is false, rather than trying to shut things down.

We are not on the medieval age guys 🙂 Internet is a free place to express opinions.

A free alternative worth the shot

One of our crew found this cool web service called

It’s an online video editor where you can compose short videos with embed text.

The main difference between Biteable and Viddyoze is:

  • You can compose long videos using Biteable
  • Their free account has almost 200 assets
  • The paid account has, and make sure you sit tight, 85k asset between footage and animations. Their library is fueled by
  • The premium plan sells for $29/m or $99/y as straight as it could get… no zillion of extras or useless additions
  • They have few live-action videos too, less polished, but way longer that Viddyoze and they can be stacked up to make a much longer video

The free account has a nasty watermark. But I guess they’ve made it so people can test the thing in real world application.

We played around with the free version and we build this cool story telling animation.

Pretty neat, huh 🙂

From our humble opinion, and judging the quality of the footage made available, $99 per year sounds like a sweet price tag for a video montage service with 85k asset at your disposable 😉

From the footage we checked, you can build A TON of cool videos using Biteable. Intros, Ads,

Bottom line

Viddyoze is not a scam. The platform is real, running, and evolving.


We have 4 problems with Viddyoze.

  • This product is not meant for regular users. What we actually hate is seeing CPA marketers pushing it as so. The videos are too short and have specific use cases that only video professionals, vloggers, or video friendly industries could use to add up to what they produce.
  • The misleading basic access they sell. They do mention they provide 100 templates to get started but they never mention the template club or let you check out the default template vs. the template club ones before you buy.
  • The pick of the selling platform. JVzoo proved to be a nasty place to purchase things. Make sure you fully understand that it might be extremely challenging to get a refund, even on the 30-day first days, or cancel any recurring subscriptions.
  • The reliability of the platform. All SaaSs of the world reach a saturation point that makes them unusable. Will you bet on the good intentions of Viddyoze?

So, if you are willing to accept the risk, make sure you understand that you will have to pay:

  • $57 or $67 to get access to the platform
  • $37/m to get access to the additional +300 cool templates

And make sure to unsubscribe from JVzoo recurring payments right away to avoid any bad surprise 🙂

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