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Don’t fall for T-REXecom

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One of the best ways to get a steady passive income is to have a drop shipping or an automatic fulfillment e-commerce website. Both models can be a hit if done right or a pure waste of money if an inexperienced user ventures into it.

Both models can be a hit if done right or a pure waste of time and money if an inexperienced user ventures into it.

T-REXecom comes to action to “facilitate the entry level” to own one of these models hassle-free with a minimum knowledge.

As anything we put on our Affiliate Marketing Scams site, let’s find out what this product and how scammy or deceitful it might be.

intel update 9/2017

We spotted a known figure on the ClickBank ecosystem promoting T-REXecom. This is definitely not good news for honest folks out there.

Why we decided to put T-REXecom into our radar

Some of our Facebook page followers reported seeing some pretty aggressive ads about the big launch of what happens to be the T-REXecom.

After receiving enough inquiries to ring our bells, we decided to dig a bit and see if it’s worth investigating.

It didn’t actually last long before we made up our mind. The founder of the T-REXecom is Gred Writer (Gregory D. Writer, Jr). An entrepreneur with a shady past and at least one fraudulent venture ordered to cease activity by law.

And after seeing this kind of testimonials all over the place:

This promoted the T-REXecom from a potential subject on our waiting list to an emergency to investigate and share our finds with our readers.

Analysis of the T-REXecom offer

Opportunity targeted: Getting a turnkey store to sell merchandise with zero experience and no inventory

T-REXecom focuses on offering a quick solution to build s drop shipping/fulfillment printing merchandise store. 

The store is pre-built and needs only a deployment on a hosting service almost instantly. 

All the store owner needs to do is driving the right targeted traffic to sell the merchandise.

Once any sale is done, it will be fulfilled by a 3rd party company (Printex) that will print and ship the order with zero intervention from the store owner.

What is T-REXecom trying to sell?

T-REXecom main offer is actually a couple of different sets bundled to look as one sole product. They get you:

  • A pre-made and pre-filed store
  • Hosting is included
  • Give you a bunch of tutorials and training
  • Help you figure things out through periodic webinars

This part of the offer is sold with different plans ranging from $67/m, $97/m, $897/y, and a one-time $997 + $247/y.

Here’s the detailed offer for each plan:

So, once the store is live, you must be able to sell bags, aprons, thongs, shirts, hoodies, bibs, laps, socks, and even dog tees.

And a complimentary product with a pre-made store and pre-built set of products. This one costs a hefty $1997.

Who is T-REXecom for?

T-REXecom talks to people with no experience in e-commerce or building online stores.

T-REXecom legit side

We are tackling here the legit aspect of the offer and the company as a whole. The things we think are good to some extent, and give our insight about each item.

The store is built using WordPress

From their demo stores (T-REX MegaStore and Planet MeTee), the store is built using WordPress and the theme Divi (starting from $89).

Divi is not the best option theme out there. It has a very limited ecom capability, the evolution of the theme is pretty slow, and it’s not meant to run this kind of sites.

The only reason why they picked it is that it has an unlimited lifetime license for $249. The more bundles they sell from the T-REXecom product, the cheaper the shared license will cost for them.

For example, selling 100 T-REXecom makes the theme cost $2.49 per deployment. Selling 500 units makes it half a dollar per unit. Starting from 1000 sales its cost will be almost free.

The stores are pre-filled with loads of products

This guarantees a quick start and deployment. As in any ecom business, sourcing, adding, and pricing the right products takes a lot of time and efforts. The T-REX megastores come filled from the get go.

The issue is it’s filled with the Printex stuff that no body heard of EVER. They have like 30 years of existence, but till date, while the likes of Teespring and similar thrived, no word or venture to be found around the Printex company.

Let’s say you want to run a fulfillment by Amazon or Aliexpress. This won’t happen. You’ll be forced to sell specific items from a specific provider.

Facebook ads training

Running Facebook ads is no secret to anyone. Their bundled tutorials will cover the basic in an understandable way.

But it won’t be enough to get sales.

The worst part is they are evaluating this particular training for $1248 and giving it away for free. To be honest, and we’ve taken our fair share of courses online for Facebook Ads and Marketing, none of them is worth that price tag.

In fact, Facebook has an official eLearning platform where people can attend courses for free.

Want more common-language training for Facebook Ads? Get this Udemy course for $10! Rated 4.5/5 from 4k users.

The upcoming personalization plugin

In our investigation, we spotted a couple of sites fueled by a plugin called the WPTrex.

It takes printing materials to a whole new level where customers can customize some parts of the design.

You can have a taste of it at

This is not part of the T-REXecom current offer though.

The dark side of T-REXecom

Okay, so, this is why you are probably here. Right?

The founder has a shady past

As we pointed out, Greg Writer, the founder of the T-REXecom, has at least one known venture, the Club Tuki LLC, flagged as fraudulent by law and ordered to cease activity.

That on its own raises a lot of suspicions.

A misleading scheme: T-REXecom is Printex cousin

This is where things get interesting.

The T-REXecom is designed to interact solely with Printex for a purpose. And it’s a long way around to make sense out of it.

Greg Writer is the founder of Celebrity Lifestyle Brands. In 2016, the Celebrity Lifestyle Brands acquired the former T-REX company including their assets and customers base.

What’s even more interesting is that the CLB has acquired the printing company Printex a couple of months before.

Here’s the catch! and what we actually hated about this T-REXecom thing.

By buying T-REXecom, you are promoting and selling the Printex products. It’s like Printex has hired online sales representatives, but instead of paying them, it’s the other way around! It’s the sales representative who’s paying a hefty at least a $67/m and $1997 for a pre-built store to get the right to sell their stuff.

You, as a site owner, will do all the hard lifting, which is finding customers and get them to buy the product. It’s a gamble for you BUT a win all the way for T-REXecom and Printex!

It can’t be done with no marketing experience

Assuming we give the above a pass, we’ll land of the biggest challenge to the whole process: reaching out to prospects and converting them to customers.

The live store, sales pages, and whatever the T-REXecom brings to the table is worth nothing if you don’t know if you don’t have a pre-existing audience or if you don’t know your way around online marketing.

I personally have years of experience in online marketing. It ain’t easy to learn even with the most advanced training, online or offline.

There are lots of variables that make a marketing effort a success or a total disaster and waste of time and money.

And the only way to nail it is “experience”.

I spent more than 250k+ for my company & customers combined to have a certain degree of understanding of how things work and get a positive return most of the time. This is not an online course or some random Q&A. It’s real money spent and experiences learned from the wins and losses.

This is not an online course or some random Q&A. It’s real money spent and experiences learned from the wins and losses.

It’s real money spent and experiences learned from the wins and losses to target the right audience and scale successful campaigns.

This can’t be taught theoretically.

What we fear for you guys when approached to promote a product where the marketing component is prominent is the high risk of failure. If you don’t have a solid online marketing background or at least a good understanding of how it works, it ain’t gonna be a success.

You can’t pay $1997+ and hope to learn on your way up. This is something you need to have for granted before paying that much.

The funny part is, if you had such background, you won’t probably go near T-REXecom 🙂 Your mind will be open to less costly alternatives for reputable and established marketplaces, and with a much better outcome.

No refunds once the store is deployed

The main component of the T-REXecom is the pre-made and filled store, which costs $1997 to get done.

If you get the store, tested things a couple of days or a week or so, and go back to ask for a refund like you would do pretty much anywhere nowadays in a 30 to 90 days grace period for a refund, well, that ain’t gonna happen.

From their terms of use page, you can get a refund for 3-days after purchase, assuming the store didn’t go live. But once it’s live, it’s a done deal. You can kiss your $1997 goodbye.

Because this is a dump for you store,  and there’s actually a lot of human capital that goes into building these stores and populating with hundreads and hundreads of products, hundreads of SKUs, everything done for the customer, we do not issue refunds!

The video supporting this information was recently removed.

We think that this policy is over the edge and unfounded. Especially that the store is actually promoting their own products.

Let’s talk technicalities a bit.

What T-REXecom is deploying as a store is a work that was done once to build the WordPress site as it is and add all the products on it.

This is a considerable work if done for each store, but it’s not the case here. They only need to build and populate a set amount of sample-stores that the customer will choose from.

What the customer buying T-REXecom gets is a clone of the actual store. It’s not built for them exclusively. It’s copied from the main sample-store and deployed to a server.

While it sounds like a hard task, it actually takes minutes to be done! Less than two hours tops with a store with thousands of products depending on the hosting service.

We do that ALL THE TIME as a part of our daily jobs here on AMS 🙂 We are web designers and online marketers 😉

We don’t like the fake assumption that the work is tremendous so you get spoiled of your right to get a legitimate refund if you don’t like how things go.

Scarcity strategy to get people to signup fast

We should be familiar by now with the limited time offer to force people to make rash purchases.

It will be probably the case with this one too.

The official timeline is as follow:

  • The pre-launch campaign will start from 12/09/2017 to 17/09/2017
  • Orders will go through from the 20/09/2017 to 28/09/2017

We will track how true to their words they will be after the presumed closing date.

Exaggerated freebies value

Scarcity usually comes with a bunch of worthless freebies with an abnormal price tag.

For T-REXecom, it’s valued for $11996 for the following:

  • Facebook training for $1280
    You can get a good basic training from Facebook themselves for free or buy one from Udemy for $10.
  • Facebook only group for $99/m
    These groups are designed to sell you stuff more than share/answer their community.
  • Monthly ecommerce webinars for $97/m
    They owe you that since you’ll be selling their products exclusively 🙂
  • News designs/images pack for $600/m
    You can get a top notch design by subscribing to Envato Elements for $29/m and other platforms with quality vector art
  • 1 Year VIP account on BizPAD project management software for $1164
    BizPAD is owned by Greg Writer 🙂 it’s an attempt to recycling a dying product.

As we always point out, if you can sell it for that price, why on Earth would you give it for free?

The only thing that’s shared for free is worthless stuff 🙂 Period.

The affiliate bounty

This is why we hate affiliate marketing. When it comes to play, people find themselves paying double of what a set product could have been sold for without an intermediate.

The mega-store product is selling for $1997 with a 50% bounty for affiliate marketing driving sales.

That’s a 1k per sale! One of the highest we’ve ever seen actually in the industry.

The T-REXecom has set generous prizes to make affiliate marketers on fire! literrally:

Sales contest (60k)

  • 1st Place – $16,200 – Minimum 100 Sales
  • 2nd Place- $12,600 – Minimum 75 Sales
  • 3rd Place- $9,600 – Minimum 65 Sales
  • 4th Place- $7,200 – Minimum 50 Sales
  • 5th Place- $5,400 – Minimum 40 Sales
  • 6th Place- $3,600 – Minimum 25 Sales
  • 7th Place – $3,000 – Minimum 20 Sales
  • 8th Place – $2,400 – Minimum 16 Sales

Speed Contest (10k)

  • $1,200 – First to Get 2 Sales
  • $1,500 – First to Get 4 Sales
  • $1,800 – First to Get 6 Sales
  • $2,700 – First to Get 8 Sales
  • $3,600 – First to Get 10 Sales
  • $4,800 – First To Get 15 Sales
  • $6,300 – First to Get 22 Sales
  • $8,100 – First to Get 30 Sales

Leads (Emails Captured) Contest ($30,000)

  • 100 Opt-Ins: $150 Cash or $180 in Merch Credit
  • 500 Opt-Ins: $500 Cash or $600 in Merch Credit
  • 1,000 Opt-Ins: $1,000 Cash or $1,200 in Merch Credit
  • 2,000 Opt-Ins: $2,000 Cash or $2,400 in Merch Credit
  • 5,000 Opt-Ins: $5,000 Cash or $6,000 in Merch Credit

So, prepare yourselves to be hammered with ads and emails in a hope to make you buy the T-REXecom and its megastore.

You can find the affiliate materials right here.

Jay Boyer is promoting the T-REXecom program

Jay Boyer, a known figure on affiliate marketing, known for lots of “get rich fast” products is now promoting the T-REXecom!

Facebook ad
Landing page

We are pretty sure that other same caliber affiliates are pushing hard for it too.

Marketing tips and materials to help affiliates sell more

This is the kind of help that can transform a regular marketer to a selling machine and a seasoned CPA marketer to a killing machine.

They’ve prepared a detailed campaign for the pre-launch with pre-written swipe copies. The only thing the affiliate marketer will need to do is setup an autoresponder and it will go through automatically.

The Swipes are narrative and very descriptive of the steps needed to take. And we mostly see that on materials designed to target elderlies…

You can find them right here.

The unfounded testimonials

When you praise a product and claim a 7 figure income, the least you can do is proving it with live Paypal or Stripe videos matching what was sold on the store vs. the payment platform.

We get none of that. Instead, we get shout outs about how the platform is great and how the T-REX crew is helpful and stuff. COME ON! Repeating the same thing over and over won’t do with no proof of concept 🙂

COME ON! Repeating the same thing over and over won’t do with no proof of concept 🙂

Repeating the same thing over and over won’t do with no proof of concept 🙂

Here’s a couple of testimonials we find extremely vague with no value whatsoever to prove that the T-REXecom works and generates income:

Why we think you shouldn’t get the T-REXecom

T-REXecom is designed to profit Printex

That’s a big blow knowing that Printex doesn’t have any name on the market. Sure it has a 30-year experience printing but with zero-history on the online spectrum.

We are not saying that they’re not good. It’s just that there are well-established printing fulfillment platforms like Printful or PrintAura. Both have a verified history with clear products and pricing scheme. Plus, you’re not stuck with WordPress! They are compatible with Shopify.

T-REXecom is designed to get as many sales points as possible for Printex, nothing else.

The $1997 mega store is way overpriced

As we pointed out, from the technical angle, the store will be “cloned” from an already built and fully packed store with Printex products.

The competition won’t do you any favor

The printed merchandise market is already heavily competitive.

If you think that deploying a store in a hope that people will find their way to it on their own, you are wrong.

If you think that using a simplistic design you will get sales, you are wrong too.

To stand out as a new comer you absolutely need to stand out either by some high-end and unique designs or nail the traffic/audience generating process. And this is not something included with the T-REXecom.

You’ll be selling using the same store, products, and strategies as other T-REXecom stores owners

So, not only you’ll be facing a mature competition, but you’ll face a more destructive competition from your peers using the same looks and weapons to land some sales.

More reasonable alternatives

For designers

Amazon Merch or Teespring are probably the best options. You pay absolutely nothing! All you need to do is design cool stuff and build products to be sold on both platforms.

The Merch won’t the easiest, though. Due to a humungous demand, you might wait like a year or so to get approved.

For fulfilled by X printing

Shopify + Printful is the best thing we’ve tested ourselves. The investment is minimal until you are solid that this will work out for you.

Here’s the detailed cost:

  • $29/m for the basic Shopify store
  • $0 for getting the Prinful account and add-on
  • $10 paid once for a full Facebook Ads course on Udemy

Are you more of a WordPress person? No problem! Prinful gave some love to WordPress by building an integration with WooCommerce.

You can use your favorite WordPress theme and sync your Printful product FOR FREE.

Both solutions will reduce the investment and risks considerably. You can get started for as low as $39 if you pick Shopify or somewhere around $100 if you pick WooCommerce.

The most important thing here is you’re not paying for:

  • At least $67 to access the “software”
  • 50% commission for the affiliate marketer that drove you to T-REXecom
  • You’re not stuck promoting Printex products

Dropshipping store

Another option involving Shopify shine on the hands-free drop shipping real. This time, pairing with Oberlo, a free drop shipping add-on for Shopify.

The same pricing applies. You can get started easy-peasy at $39 and then $29 to keep the Shopify store alive.

There are options to run similar business models on WordPress pairing up with Amazon or Aliexpress and similar. The minimum investment for that is around $200 to get started if you know how to manage WordPress and a WooCommerce store and somewhere around $600 to get someone help you out with the process.

You are still not paying the hefty $1997 to get the store up and the minimum monthly $67/m.

Bottom line

The T-REXecom is not a scam but it’s way overpriced for what it does.

We objectively see it trying to mimic Printful and Oberlo but with an extremely overpricing entry ticket.

The only unique potential unique feature that might take for as a standalone product or as part of the T-REXecom offer is the WPTrex design customization plugin. Until then, T-REXecom doesn’t bring much to the table that Shopify + Printful or Shopify + Oberlo can’t do for a fraction of the price.

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