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Why EZ battery reconditioning is a scam?

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Most of us are not big fans of spending money on recurring things. I’m one of this school of thinking…

If I need to pay for something several times, I instinctively look for a way to make it last more, if not eternally.

It never does.

Batteries are one of these things that you need to change frequently. It can be a good thing if there’s way to make it last longer or eventually recharge and reuse as much as you want.

You are not alone.

There are 100k other people per month searching for a way to revive or recharge a battery.

Whenever you see an important search volume, expect marketers lurking around to sell you something that supposedly responds to your needs.

That’s where the EZ Battery Reconditioning comes to play.

First thing, I’m not selling you anything … It’s quite the opposite actually.

I brought you here to warn you about this book, program, training, or guide called EZ Battery Reconditioning.

It’s a scam, and I will prove it to you if you allow me to.

Just hear me out, and give me a bit of your precious time.

Here is how the book looks like:

EZ battery reconditioning coverAnd this is the main landing page URL:

Let’s see how scammy this product is, shall we?

form update 1/2017

In early 2017, EZ Battery Reconditioning removed some of the signs mentioned in this article, including the stock photos, and added an additional introduction video to the product. It doesn’t change anything about how scammy it is 🙂

Youtube video testimonial update 1/2017

A video testimonial was added on Youtube to back the program done by an actor hired on Fiverr. It tops the search results when you look for “EZ Battery Reconditioning”. Learn about this tactic on the scam signs section.

Why we decided to put EZ battery reconditioning into our radar

EZBR is one of the most marketed affiliate programs on the industry and it’s been going for years now.

When a product proves to be lucrative on CPA marketing, it means that it has high chances of land sales and a juicy commission linked to it.

That, unfortunately, NEVER pairs with a happy customer.

Read us out to understand why you shouldn’t by EZ battery reconditioning.

Just to make sure we have an understanding.

There is no affiliate link to EZ BATTERY RECONDITIONING anywhere on this site or article.

We are not after affiliate income.

We won’t try to sell you this particular product in any way. We decided to never do that to keep us away from the temptation to praise a product that we don’t believe is worth your money.

Analysis of the EZ battery reconditioning

Opportunity targeted: The never lasting batteries issue

Batteries are portable sources of energy that we should use for convenience.

Unfortunately, with our unhealthy habits and the all-over-the-place portable technologies, we made them something that we can’t live without.

General use battery

The battery’s lifespan will vary depending on what you use them for.

Here’s a list of how long commonly used batteries last and how much a brand new replacement costs:

  • Remote control: a couple of months.
    Costs half a dollar for a pair (check the prices here).
  • Cellphones and smartphones: around a year, maybe a couple of years depending on the usage.
    Costs $10 more or less (check the prices here).
  • Notebooks: around a year at full capacity. Up to several years with diminished capacity (80% – 70% more or less until it’s totally flat).
    Costs $20 to $100 depending on your computer brand and battery capacity (check the prices here).
  • Cars: supposed to last 3 to 5 years.
    Costs $100s depending on the battery type, capacity, and brand (check the prices here).

If you add up all your battery associated needs of all kinds, you will find yourself paying hundreds of dollars per year to maintain anything battery fueled alive.

Scale it up to how many items you have, you can easily spend a couple of hundreds of dollars a year on batteries alone.

And this is the catch what the author of EZ Battery Reconditioning book, Tom Ericson (a fake name, we’ll get to that later on), saw as an opportunity:

CPA marketers use your pain points and turn it into a profit machine

What EZ Battery Reconditioning book is about?

The book claims to teach you “how to renew and recondition any type of battery even if it’s totally dead”. Without needing any particular skill or be a professional to make it happen.

Yeah, we’ll say it: It’s total crap. And we are commited to prove it.

Separating the myth from reality

So, are we saying that no battery can be revived?

Yes and no.

Batteries are built using chemical reactions to facilitate storing electricity. Some kind of batteries might be reconditionable under particular circumstances and it’s not an easy or safe task to perform.

To support the above here is some information about how restorable is each type of batteries.

Cars and trucks batteries

Some car batteries can indeed be restored to some extent by replacing the chemicals inside them and going through a recharge process.

Cars and trucks batteries

But there is a set of conditions and rules to successfully achieve that:

  • The acid liquid that needs to be changed is toxic and highly corrosive. You need to be adequately protected to prevent any harm to your hands or eyes and use an isolated set up to avoid any risks for spoiling the soil and surrounding objects.
  • After emptying, cleaning up and refilling the acid containers of the battery, you need to safely dispose of the extracted chemicals. Toxic materials need a strict disposal protocol and it needs to be environment-friendly.
  • After successfully changing the chemicals on your battery, you need to slowly recharge the battery through a couple of cycles and lots of testing to finally proclaim that the battery is stable and reusable once again.

You need a special gear for that, and it isn’t free:

  • Car battery chargers, for example, cost around $50 double for more sophisticated ones.
  • Chemicals resistant gloves.
  • A couple of cheap chemicals.
  • Reactions resistant stencils to prepare the acid.

Unless you are using solar power, you still need to use your home electricity to recharge the battery.

To fully recharge a nominal 12v car battery, it will cost a couple of dollars depending on how successful the restoring process goes.

This video will show you most of what needs to be done in the process. I’ve included it just so you see how complicated the process is.


The worst part is, even if you perfectly execute the above, the battery might:

  • Not recharge at all.
  • Get recharged only partially.
  • Seem to be recharged but will drain out too quickly to be reliably usable.

You can read some comments from power users and professionals on the bottom confirming that.

Spare yourself the trouble. Think about recycling your old battery for cash and get a brand new one.

AAA batteries, computer batteries, cell phone batteries

Those kinds of batteries have either primary cells (non-rechargeable) or secondary cells (rechargeable).

They can be reconditioned through distinct cycles of charge and discharge but it takes lots of time and close monitoring of their storage state and heat.

The primary cells ones, standard AA and AAA mostly, are built with cheap materials and enforcing a recharge won’t do the job efficiently and might cause an explosion. Some crazy hackers claim they manage to recharge this type of batteries through cold cycles and specific electric charging cycles but it’s too risky and unreliable as methods and needs lots of time and monitoring to enforce a couple of uses of the hardly recharged battery.

The secondary cells ones, cell phones, smartphones, cameras, computers, and more expensive hardware batteries, use higher end materials and they are built to be recharged a few hundreds of times using their respective charging outlets.

Digital camera battery charger

When their life cycle is done, they become like the primary cells. The same rules apply.

On both types of batteries, when a battery is done, IT WILL NEVER GET BACK TO WHAT IT USED TO BE. the process is very hazardous. The battery can literally explode at any time if you attempt to enforce charging it. We recently had a taste of what a faulty battery can do (exploding Samsung Note 7, a massive fail).

Even if there were a slim chance for it to recharge, the process is very hazardous. The battery can literally explode at any time if you attempt to enforce charging it.

We recently had a taste of what a faulty battery can do. The exploding Samsung Note 7 and the Bluetooth phone headers are a good example of that.

This video will explain to you the primary and secondary cells concept in a scientific way.

If you’re looking for a way to recharge AAA batteries, consider getting rechargeable batteries. It costs $35 per dozen with a charger and can go through thousands of charging cycles hassle free.

For cell phones, smartphones, and computers, some brands sell double capacity batteries.

Most cellphone brands have cases with integrated additional battery units.

So, again, spare yourself the trouble and get a reasonable solution to get long-life batteries or natively rechargeable units.

Wrap up

Any action taken for regular batteries will be a pure waste of your precious time forcing something that is not meant to be.

Even trained and professionals won’t venture into it due to the high risks and the slim return if any.

Why you shouldn’t buy the EZ Battery Reconditioning book

That’s the main reason why I’m reaching out to good folks like yourself and warn them about EZ Battery Reconditioning and any similar ebook, training or program.

The book, its promoting materials, and the way people promote it have a lot of scam signs that non-trained or inexperienced audience can’t easily spot.

Don’t worry, it’s not your fault … it’s just the way it is.

Some things need lots of experience to finally see them clearly.

Our goal here at AMS is to help you see those kinds of signs and uncover scams and fishy schemes .

In-site scam signs

Starts with a lie: there is no Tom Ericson

The man in the front, claimed to be Tom Ericson, is a model. Same goes for his family.

Here is the hero picture of the happy family used to promote EZBR followed by where you can get it.

EZ battery recovery modelsThis family pictures set is available at ShutterStock or iStockPhoto and similar stock images marketplaces.

Those pictures are used on multiple, totally unrelated, website, businesses, and industries. We will link to a few of them so you can get a better idea:

Tom Ericson is a fake name with a fake picture backing a fake story.

We don’t know about you, but this alone should be a deal breaker. Honesty is a valuable component of any business.

Refer to Scam Signs  Fake personas, owners, authors for more.

The lengthy video

This is a blueprint for most scams. They use long videos to convince people that they are at the right place and that the sold product is the best option for them.

They use long videos to convince people that they are at the right place and that the sold product is the best option for them.

And they always, always present it as a story.

it’s actually taught in some CPA marketing training, like the ClickBank academy.

When you see a long video promoting anything, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE (and money)

The initial video had only the story of the fake character Tom Ericson. Starting from early 2017, it now includes an introduction from a nameless man.

The video sports more than 30mn of storytelling, evasive monolog and lots of generic information and facts designed to befriend you, make you relate to a particular situation and feel like they are doing you a favor, and that getting the book is a life saver.

Don’t trust a word. None of it is true.

Refer to Scam Signs  Lengthy uncontrollable videos for more.

You get a freebie

The book comes with two additional FREE books:

  • “How to Start a Battery Business at Home”, claimed to worth $97.
  • “Double The Life Of Your Batteries”, claimed to worth $67.

And you get it for free … because, well, you’re a good lad 🙂 and you deserve a freebie.

First thing, If it sells like cake for $67 or for $97 why would you give it away FOR FREE?

There is something else behind it and it’s a common strategy used in the CPA/affiliate marketing industry.

Freebies are meant to increase the value of EZ Battery Reconditioning book. You’ll be paying $47 and getting $211 in value. That’s +4 times the cost of the book.

Sounds like a good deal, right?

It is not.

It doesn’t actually stop there. The home business building freebie sells you the dream of making a revenue out of a skill that you are supposed to acquire if you get the EZBR book.

As a reminder, batteries fixing and recycling businesses need lots of resources, qualified skilled workers, and chemical disposal facilities.

Anytime somebody gives you something for FREE for the same price, double or triple the product’s price, there are 99.99% chances that it is a scam.

Best case scenario, it’s an extremely overpriced item.

Refer to Scam Signs  Instant discount and freebies for more.

Create the urgency factor

It’s always presented as a time-sensitive offer. That once the deadline is reached, the price will double, triple or something similar.

The initial scarcity tactic was:

If you go to the main website,, and see the different call to action button that will appear while the video is playing, you will always notice a 24h deadline.

If you come back a month later, the 24h deadline is still there.

The domain name was bought in October 2014. So, basically, the book sale was running each day for a limited 24h time, every single day, 3 years in the row .

After an update on early 2017, it’s now using:

They claim that the 2 freebies books special are only for the same day you browse the page.

Same rules apply, if you visit the page a week or a month later, you’ll find the same freebies but this time with a new date.

Refer to Scam Signs  Scarcity, time sensitive offer, limited quantity for more.

The juicy commission

EZ Battery Conditioning offers 75% as a commission to whoever helps make a sale to their product.

So, basically, the intermediate will get paid 3 times more than the book’s author which is typical to digital content scams.

All respected brands, marketplaces and any company valuing their products and services can’t afford that level of discount.

Only scams can do that because the product is ALWAYS overpriced for its real value from the get-go.

Our post about the EZ Battery Reconditioning book had 45k+ views since it was released. With a 2% conversion rate, which is pretty low in the industry, we could have made a 24k revenue if we just said that the book is legit.

So far, we are resisting the temptation.

Refer to Scam Signs  Lucrative affiliate program for more.

The number of stunt marketers promoting it

That’s the saddest part.

A lot of people are promoting this book and making good money by betraying buyers’ trust.

So far, we’ve numbered almost 100 websites promoting EZ battery reconditioning.

A good chunk of those sites is entirely dedicated to the cause.

You can check the fully updated list right here.

In the CPA networks industry, a lot of landing and sales pages remain hidden from search engines and are only reachable by direct links.

We are solid that thousands of websites/landing pages used to promote this book.

The pricing

They will take anything you are willing to pay. They use a set of up-sells and down-sells depending on your willingness to buy the book and its add-ons:

  • The first price for the book is $47.
  • They have up-sells up to $198.
  • And two down-sells for the book where its final price becomes $37 and then $27.

This adaptive price scheme is very common on various scams.

Depending on your reaction to the sales page, they will try to either sell you more or give you several discounts if you try to exit the sales page.

Which leads up to the following:

Let’s say that you bought the product for $27 using an intermediary. This means that the ebook sales for a profit for $6.75 ($27 minus the 75% commission for the intermediate) and the author is happy about cashing in this amount.

Our question is: why would you sell something for $47 while you could afford to sell it profitably for $6.75? It’s nearly six times more than the profit margin.

Refer to Scam Signs  Quick price change depending on your intention for more.

Full guidance to affiliates

They prepared nearly everything needed to fool people. This includes:

  • Targeting resources
  • Banners and pictures
  • Blog posts
  • Sales pages
  • Follow up emails

What really pissed me off is that they seem to target mainly seniors. On their targeting guidance, they mention:

  • 65+ (converting extremely well right now)
  • 55-64 (converting extremely well right now)

see for yourself:

Seniors are lovely people. And it’s a low blow to use their naivety and trust to sell them something that could be dangerous for their well-being and that they can’t assess adequately and reasonably or execute safely and efficiently.

Complicated refund/return policy

The book has a 60 days refund policy. You still need to claim the return within that period and in the right place to get it.

But the process is very tedious and could involve reaching out to a specific email address or called a not-so-easy to find a support service phone number that never answers calls.

No wonder that their affiliate program claims 2% returns …

Offsite scam signs

The fake video testimonial

While there are tons of amateurish video testimonials and reviews promoting the EZ battery reconditioning book on Youtube, one, in particular, is a very dangerous.

This video tops the search results for “ez battery reconditioning” on Google in all countries. So, it’s guaranteed to have more exposure than any other link on the first page on Google.

The video itself is a fake testimonial done by a “testimonials actor” hired on Fiverr who goes with the stage name of “Bob”.

You can check the profile of the actor right here: Generatecashbiz.

He is for hire starting from $10. The testimonial video cost them around $20 only to get going.

Here is a couple of other fake testimonials done by the same actor:

Learn more about Bob, or the other scam spokespersons we work hard to document.

You can help fight this kind of misleading testimonials by disliking the video on Youtube, in a hope that this will drive it down from the first stop on search results.

Saturated paid ads space

When you see people paying for ads to sell you something, it means that they make a good ROI even if they pay for ads and sell the item for its minumum price.

Paid ads promoting the EZ battery Reconditioning book

As you can see, the 4 spots on Google results are permanently filled with sites promoting the book to sell for $27.

They keep using it because it works! They cash $20 per sale for an average $2 or $3 ad cost per sale.

Luckily, we secured the first spot on organic search results. Hope that people bother to click on it to know the truth about the EZ battery reconditioning book!

Last words

That’s pretty much it. I hope this lengthy warning will help at least a couple of good folks out there to make a better use of their money and time.

Show us your love y’all. We’ve been through hell and lost a considerable amount of time and money to build this thing and get you here .

God bless!


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