The ugly truth about some affiliate programs

WP Tag Machine won’t help you get traffic

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Ranking and getting traffic naturally is an obsession for any website owner.

It’s the everlasting quest for any marketing to get the site to show on the first page of major search engines, like Google and Bing.


Because once there, you get a lot of FREE and GENUINE TRAFFIC that has the highest chances to GET CONVERTED.

On your road to getting your prize, you meet lots of speculative schemes and deceitful plans that will try to lure you into their trap.

Will WP Tag Machine will be one of these?

Kill the ranking myth


There is no mystery anymore regarding ranking factors. Especially when one of Google’s Search Strategists confirmed to other fellow SEO known figures that backlinks and quality content are the top ranking factors.

Both ranking signals are so powerful that it is inconceivable to rank without at least one of them done right.

If you dig deeper, you will see that even black hat SEO service providers admit the same:

  • White hat: invest in content and wait for links to build up naturally
  • Black hat: fake content and invest on backlinks to boost the ranking

Is tags a ranking factor?

No Sir. Absolutely not.

In fact, it’s a de-ranking factor if we may refer to it as so.

When you use tags extensively, you are simply:

  • Creating unnecessary archive pages with the same content. And that risks getting unwanted duplicates which are penalized by search engines
  • WordPress usually shows tag clouds somewhere on the post premise. And that will result in keyword stuffing and unnatural links volume to tags archives page. You guessed it right, both are punishable by search engines.

One of the good SEO practices is to deindex archives pages to avoid any duplicate risks.

Longtail keywords

Longtail keywords is a gold mine if you are up to find the right LT Keywords and top the search on it.

These keywords have somewhere from few hundreds to tens of thousands search volume per month, and they have a slightly weak competition which makes them a child play to rank for.

But still, without a quality content and a decent number of backlinks, you are unlikely to rank for these.

Why we decided to put WP Tag Machine into our radar

Because it’s bullshit 🙂

You don’t rank by using tags. The road to rank is pretty clear, either in black hat or white hat, and using tags won’t help in any way. In fact, they might even doom your page.

Analysis of the WP Tag Machine  offer

Opportunity targeted: Getting lazy ass traffic

It’s a sensitive subject to any newbie blogger. They all seek easy traffic. And how this plugin presents itself, they are likely to fall for it.

How do WP Tag Machine works?

WP Tag Machines suggests longtail keywords scrapped through Google’s, Youtube’s, or Amazon’s APIs.

When you put a keyword there it will look for what these 3 fellows could suggest you as search team to help you decide what you are looking for.

WP Tag Machines sales pitch nonsense

The whole sales pages focus on ranking without two of the mandatory ranking signals needed by any site: backlinks and traffic.

It starts with the very dishonest video, typical of old-school scams:

Claims unlimited traffic from Google by solely using the plugin?

Refer to the ranking factor section of the article.

Random ranking claims for “customers”

With no URL to share so we can verify the metrics, the content structure, the number of backlinks, and if or not the site is ranking for anything 🙂

It’s all false claims.

Top 100k on Alexa?

HAHAHA! that’s a good one 🙂 This is a totally unfounded fact.

Ranking on Alexa depends on 3 main factors:

  • How many backlinks you have
  • How many search engine traffic you get
  • And how much time people spend on your site (it defines the quality of the site to them)

So, we fall into the same requirements duo backlinks and quality content.

Other signs that should keep you aways from WP Tag Machine

The fake scarcity countdown

A typical strategy extensively used on questionable offers. The countdown starts at 5h time.

WP Tag Machine has 11 other products upsells

For that solely, you shouldn’t consider getting WP Tag Machine. They plan to hit you with at least 11 upsells built around the product.

You know what it means right? they won’t let you out the easy way 🙂

Here’s the list of the announced ones so far:

$27 or $29.95 – WP Tag Pro edition

It gives you access to two additional longtail keywords sources (Youtube Amazon).

$19 or $19.95 – Simple site booster

It will ask 1000+ sites to ping yours. It’s a common black hat practice to simulate interest on a web property.

$37 or $39 – WP Tag Machine Agency

It allows the owner to use the plugin on clients’ sites or flipped sites.

$67 or $97 – WP Tag Machine Reseller

You can sell the plugin for others.

$17 or $19.95 – Backlinks Machine

An automated way to generate backlinks the black hat style.

On the sales pitch of this one, the author says clearly that backlinks are an important thing to have to rank 🙂 Which contradicts the sales pitch of WP Tag Machine where they claim that you that you can rank without backlinks at all. Get your S* together mate 🙂 stick to one claim 😉

The remaining 6 are unrelated to the main plugin as the author has a bunch of other WP related plugin. By buying WP Tag Machine, you unlock an everlasting upselling machine targeting you solely 🙂

The affiliate platform

WP Tag Machine relies exclusively on JVzoo. One of the most controversial marketplaces where shady business is processed. I can’t even recall or find any legit product, service, or course sold out there. They have a very tarnished history, and the most interesting part is, they don’t give a damn concern about it. They keep on allowing deceitful stuff to be sold on their platform.

The main products and the upsells have a one-time payment policy and it has a 50% commission for affiliates.

When you see these kinds of commissions, there are 2 things that come to mind:

  • The service is over evaluated
  • An avalanche of affiliate will swear that it’s the perfect product for you even if it’s not

Another major detail that comes with JVZoo is the hard time you will get to either:

  • Get a refund on the 30-day grace period
  • Cancel any subscription initiated through the platform

We highly recommend avoiding anything that deals with JVzoo. When it can’t be helped, make sure you use Paypal to process the payment. This doesn’t make your life easier, though. But at least, you can push for a refund and cancel a subscription in a less complex way compared to processing your payments through credit card.

When it can’t be helped, make sure you use Paypal to process the payment. This doesn’t make your life easier, though. But at least, you can push for a refund and cancel a subscription in a less complex way compared to processing your payments through credit card.

Here’s a tip to cancel a subscription when done through JVzoo:

This is the proof that WP Tag Machine is a totally fake product

If the product was legit, why doesn’t the plugin’s author, Ankur Shukla use it on his website right?

Here’s the proof:

He mentions somewhere in the interview that he’s using it on the site and even demonstrate it live.

Here’s a snapshot of how the author’s site is performing.

As you can see:

  • He has some paid for backlinks 🙂 (which explains the -13 at once)
  • It’s ranking only for his name, so, there’s no ranking for any other longtail keyword of any kind
  • His name ranks has 30 search volume per month only, and he’s not even ranking first for his name 😀

When the author fails to get anything out of his product, that means what it means right!


Bottom line

The tags won’t help you in any way to get ranked on Google or other search engines. This nullifies any potential good reason to get WP Tag Machine.

Even if you still think that buying it is a smart move, the 11 upsells and JVzoo as selling platform should dissuade you from doing so.

Keep your $24 in your pocket 🙂 and work on your content and backlinks the right way 😉

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