The ugly truth about some affiliate programs

Meet Bob (+50, elderlies)

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Bob is the stage name of an actor-to-hire on Fiverr starting from $10 for a short testimonial or to present any product or service. He goes by the seller name of generatecashbiz.

He is a top seller on Fiverr. Which means he has done thousands of transactions on Fiverr (at least 5k videos).

Bob is perfect to target the +50 years old audience. You will find him on:

  • Financial products scams
  • Insurance products scams
  • Money saving scams
  • Biz ops scams

What makes Bob, and any actor on this group age, extremely dangerous is that they inspire trust targeting people easily fooled by a friendly smile, and reassurance that whatever they buy is a good deal.

Here are a couple of testimonials done by Bob recently:

He goes by the names of:

  • Bob
  • Bill
  • Matt
  • Mike
  • John

Last seen:

  • EZ Battery Recovery
  • Binary Reverse
  • Mymo247

Please report anytime you see Bob so we can add more to our list to help people find never fall for a false testimonial and God forbid get scammed.

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