Meet Bob (+50, elderlies)

(last updated: April 23, 2017)
Meet Bob - Scam actor

Bob is the stage name of an actor-to-hire on Fiverr starting from $10 for a short testimonial or to present any product or service. He goes by the seller name of generatecashbiz.

He is a top seller on Fiverr. Which means he has done thousands of transactions on Fiverr (at least 5k videos).

Bob is perfect to target the +50 years old audience. You will find him on:

  • Financial products scams
  • Insurance products scams
  • Money saving scams
  • Biz ops scams

What makes Bob, and any actor on this group age, extremely dangerous is that they inspire trust targeting people easily fooled by a friendly smile, and reassurance that whatever they buy is a good deal.

Here are a couple of testimonials done by Bob recently:

He goes by the names of:

  • Bob
  • Bill
  • Matt
  • Mike
  • John

Last seen:

  • EZ Battery Recovery
  • Binary Reverse
  • Mymo247

Please report anytime you see Bob so we can add more to our list to help people find never fall for a false testimonial and God forbid get scammed.

Professional web marketer. I hate how low the industry has fallen, and have some devious minds made serious money out of honest people. It's my way to give back to the community and help out fighting a particular kind of scams, driven by some affiliate programs.