The ugly truth about some affiliate programs

Meet Ron Desi (+35, mid-aged, elderlies)

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Ron Desi is the stage name of an actor-to-hire on Fiverr starting from $5 for a short testimonial or to present any product or service. He goes by the seller name of websitevideo.

He is a top seller on Fiverr. Which means he has done thousands of transactions on Fiverr (at least 5k videos).


This particular actor is spreading like wildfire on scammy products.

Ron Desi is perfect to target the +35 years old audience and more. You will find him on:

  • Financial products scams
  • Health and fitness
  • Biz ops scams

According to his Fiverr profile, he’s been busy producing testimonials and hired as a spokesperson since 2011.  see him active was in 2011. He’s still producing to date the same kind of testimonials wearing almost the same outfit.

Here are a couple of testimonials done by John Doe #1 recently:

Fatburn Secrets series:

update update 11/2017

About 14 videos of Ron advertising other suspicious products were removed.

Another fake testimonial this time on Amazon:

He goes by the names of:

  • Kevin Mayor
  • Rex
  • Ron Meyers
  • Steve

Last seen:

  • Mezzanine Loans
  • Future Matrix
  • Biz Broker
  • HS Credit Repair
  • BIZ 120
  • Fatburn Secrest
  • Jackr Pro
  • Stock Circles Inc.
  • Just Certs
  • Get one stop SEO
  • BoudoirActions
  • Cheapest Auto-insurance

Please report anytime you see John Doe #1 so we can add more to our list to help people find never fall for a false testimonial and God forbid get scammed.

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