The ugly truth about some affiliate programs

This war of mine (vs. scams)

I’m an honest fellow. I try hard to earn an honest living using my skills, giving good value back to my customers and without taking advantage of anyone.

That’s probably why I’m not as wealthy as I should be … As they said, we can’t have everything in life . But I have no regrets. I will always pick honesty above anything else.


I’ve been earning living on the Internet for quite a while now. And I’ve seen enough to finally resolve to take action against what I would describe as the worst thing in our massively connected lives. And I meant by that deceiving schemes, ill intentions, and scams. I’ll be referring to anything dishonest as a scam.

Scams take many forms and use countless of strategies to net a profitable passive income by lying, deceiving, taking advantage of honest people. You probably guessed, that’s the perfect opposite of my way of seeing things in life in general and in business to keep it in context.

Why should I get involved?

Most of you would assume that I’ve been scammed countless of times and that I’m holding a vendetta against whoever took my money.

Nope. In fact, I’ve never been scammed in my life. There have been lots of attempts, though, both online and in real life. I proudly claim that I still hold a 0 defeat against those bastards.

I guess that I’m lucky. Because lots of people around me did fall at least once in a scam artist’s net.

I decided to get involved because:

Nobody will do it for real

Probably the main reason. I have this feeling that if I don’t do it, nobody will do it.

There is indeed countless of websites claiming to fight scams. Half of them are built by scammers to fool people further more. The other half is revenge-fueled that will make the unveiling attempt inefficient or too personal for other people to relate to it.

I hope that I will succeed to provide to the community something consistent to spare as many people as I can.

Protecting the weak

In any environment, there is always somebody weak to protect.

Don’t overthink things. Some proud fellows reading this page right now wouldn’t feel right about me describing them as weak and vulnerable.

We can’t be good on everything at once! I suck at many things, and some of them are rudimentary skills for a lot of normal people. I cook like a cave man for example!

You are still strong on what you do. But on the Internet, and on the scam game, you are vulnerable and might get easily fooled.

You shouldn’t take any offense on getting help. Think of me as a good friend of yours, a bigger brother maybe? or a good samaritan helping you out .

Fighting unfairness

Earning anything from scams is the most unfair way to make money. The scam artist works his ass for to fool people, but once all the mechanism around it is set up, he just relaxes and makes money with a minimum intervention.

I’m a hard worker and I can’t let that happen without saying anything about.

The extent of my initiative

As much as I wish to unveil all online scams, I just can’t cover every single one. I will simply report and explain scams I come across.

I’m into home income and affiliate marketing. In my search for the right opportunities to my skills and philosophy, I happen to step on many scams and deceiving schemes. I will make sure to report all of them.

Another detail that I’ll be often covering is what exactly makes a particular offer a scam. My goal is to build an extensive database with all signs and elements that make a scam tagged as so.

How far I go to uncover scams?

As far as it takes to understand the scheme.

I engage, buy offers, stress tests the seller, request help from payment processing companies and sees how things go. I try to gather as much intelligence as possible.

It takes a bit of my time and money to go undercover, fully study a potential scam and report it. That’s why you will see from time to time some related affiliate links to the legit counterpart of what the scam offers.

Like for the EZ battery reconditioning scam ebook, I’m linking to cars batteries, cell phones batteries, rechargeable batteries and different other battery replacement categories on Amazon.

At the end of each scam report, you will find a request for a monetary form of support and contribution. This will help with my investments to unveil scams. But it is totally optional and up to you to contribute or not.

As much as I wish to help, I still need to make a living.

If you have any question, concern, or want to report a scam for me to check out.

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